The planned route from Sydney to London. January 2014 until whenever. 

The planned route from Sydney to London. January 2014 until whenever. 

23 countries. 2 wheels. 1 ride of a lifetime. Again. In 2012 I rode a 150cc Honda around South America, capturing the trip in a photo blog that gathered over a million views in the process. The trip was exciting, challenging and gave me a new perspective on my own life and where it was heading. 

I returned home not long after a suicide in the family. He was not the first person that I had lost that was close to me this way. I was concerned he may have not be the last.   

These young men noted they felt they didn’t live up to expectations, they felt they couldn’t provide, they felt they didn’t belong. I didn’t know the answers but I knew I couldn’t help by doing nothing.

So I followed on from someone who has always been a key figure of support in my life - my grandfather. I decided to ride the motorcycle he had at my age and try find out some answers. 

And in the tradition of adventure I'm riding my vintage motorbike across the world, exploring the concepts of masculinity and manhood from country to country, garage to garage, and workshop to workshop. 

I am funding this adventure myself and as I undertake this trip across the world, I am also welcoming your support as I raise funds for Beyond Blue, an Australian charity "working to reduce the impact of depression and anxiety in the community".

Please consider donating to Beyond Blue (it's tax deductible in Australia).