The planned route from Sydney to London. January 2014 until whenever. 

David Ryan

Lenses, logistics and a love of adventure; David Ryan joins the TAIAY team as resident tech and photo journalist. A veteran content author for print and digital publishers, David brings over a decade of experience lugging tech through the mud, mountains and jungles on motorbike and rock climbing adventures. 

David rides a BMW G 650 GS in Australia, a Royal Enfield in India, and has a gift for crashing XRs all over Cambodia. Due to newly founding a media company and a startup project, David will be constrained to accompanying Jonathan on various legs of the trip across Australia, Asia and Europe, with camera, notepad or an alibi always near to hand.

The duo are no stranger to shared adventure, first riding together upon David's heartbroken return from India, subsequent impulse 650 GS purchase and requisite "let's just go inland" journey into the Australian outback.

Other ridiculous journeys include the interstate scramble for Daft Punk's worldwide album debut in remote New South Wales town Wee Waa. One which David covered for UK publisher Mixmag - proving that motorbikes, robots and raves really do mix.


Adrian Harris

The full works of design, copy and marketing support to TAIAY. Between working as a senior account manger at an advertising agency in Melbourne you can find him wrenching on a GR Suzuki 650 and trying to find the best food and booze in Melbourne.

And drinking whisky while riding skateboards. Indoors. Of course. 


Ellaspede is a hub for motorcycle culture and creativity in Brisbane, Australia. The team utilises traditional and modern automotive design techniques to create a range of hand crafted custom bikes, bespoke parts and limited run apparel. We're driven to challenge the norm whilst still providing the utmost attention to detail and innovation.

"The team is proud to have Jonathan on board as a supported rider for the fundraising ride from Sydney to London," said Ellaspede.



"We appreciate the enormity of the ride, and doing so on a 45 year old Enfield steed makes it even more impressive."

"Ellaspede is grateful to partner with Jonathan for this ride," the team continued. "And in his quest to raise funds and awareness for the Beyond Blue charity. Anxiety and depression is an all too familiar foe for many riders in our community, and through this ride we're given an opportunity to support this worthwhile cause."

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Scooter Central are a dealership based in Sydney, New South Wales, that stocks the classic fun and style of scooter brands including Vespa, Piaggio and Aprilia. 

The team has supported TAIAY through provision of a pair of riding gloves. These gloves have been used extensively so far and I will have a full gear review of these gloves available shortly.


They also provided useful advice and a shady place to work on my bike when I was riding through. Proving that the global motorcycle community is awesome no matter what you ride.

Motorcycle camping and good whisky go great together. The lark distillery have provided some of their finest single malt scotch to be shared on the road with the people I meet. There will also be a bottle raffled off at the completion of the trip with all money going towards beyondblue.  

If you need some technical facewear there is no better option out there than buff. I have owned 4 and lost two. They keep you warm, prevent rain and sun burn and stop bugs getting where bugs shouldn't be. Buff Australia is supporting TAIAY through supplying this essential piece of kit. 


What do you do if you want to ride a motorcycle with protective gear but don't want to look like a power ranger? You buy the kevlar lined selvedge jeans by Maple. Quality 14oz selvedge denim that provides protection without having to give up the comfort and style of your favourite pair of street jeans. 


Microsoft Australia is supporting TAIAY with provision of a Nokia Lumia 1020. The quality of camera found on the Nokia has enabled me to leave my point and shoot at home.  

An authentic Australian outdoor brand since 1991, Darche are supporting TAIAY with a few Ranger Solo biker swags.

The official swag of the 2014 BMW Safari Enduro, the swags will provide us with shelter and protection from the elements along our journey.

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