...there ain’t no journey what don’t change you some
— David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

We had held up in this tiny little beach town in Chile called Tatal. We didn't plan to spend the night, but when we rolled through at around 3pm, the town had no power and no way to pump up the bike tires, so we called it. Finding the only residencia/homestay in town, we decided to kick it and spend the night drinking pisco and watching the sun set. Sure enough there was a cute golden skinned Chilian girl heading to some place I can't recall. Turns out it was her birthday at midnight, which meant I needed to bust some tequila for this situation asap.

Gabby, my faithful traveling friend, knew what was up. He rolled his eyes and went to bed.

By midnight, we were beachside, watching the ocean, checking out the amazing stars, and drunkenly making like you can only do on a beach in Chile half a bottle deep on bootleg tequila. She's in my leather jacket as its cold then she pulls me close and tells me she wants to go skinny dipping..

Before my hormones had time think my brain had blurted out. "No way! You are absolutely insane its freezing!"

And this moment.... I will never forget it.

She pulled me close and whispered into my ear in this accent.

"I know" She didn't say anything else... just "I know" in this stupidly cute accent.

Grinning she slipped my jacket off and took my hand to the beach.


When I am old man, senile, medicated and most likely in a wheelchair, I will look back on those words and that night and smile.