A 1969 Royal Enfield Bullet doesn't seem like the first choice for a trip around the world. It leaks oil, blows pistons, sheds parts and rides with what are best called "aspirational" brakes. It is, in every sense, a 45 year old motorbike.

But there was no real choice. Not when I thought about it. As the fifth generation of motorcycle riders in my family, and the fourth to ride Royal Enfields, the bike found me. The same make and model that my grandfather rode at my age.



This isn't an excuse to celebrate the perfection of engineering, but to explore the sense of journey. The bike and my work raising awareness of men's health issues seems intimately connected to the challenge ahead.

I will be keeping a record of the work done to prepare the bike for the roads ahead, and the work required to keep it running at all. I will fix what I can myself, and I will rely on the help of the riding community and strangers for the rest. Which seems a lot like life.