Through this trip I will be raising funds to beyondblue. I will be paying my way for the entirety of the trip so all funds donated will go directly to beyondblue. You can follow the fundraising progress on the Everyday Hero page.

If you have enjoyed my photos, stories or adventures, kicking a few dollars towards beyondblue is a great way to show support. 

I want to encourage your support of beyondblue and so all donors to beyondblue will receive a mention on the supporters’ page. If you would like to really support the cause, I would welcome it with:

  • $50 Donation - Stickerfest
    • You will also receive an awesome The Answer Is Always Yes sticker (while supplies last). It looks fantastic on motorbike helmets. 
  • $150 Donation - Photomatic
    • As above, but I would also love to take a photo of your request along the trip. Do you want a beach photo from the South of India? How about a picture of a local tea house in Iran? Or something crazier? You decide.
  • $200 Donation - Supporter level unlocked!
    • If you donate this amount or my I would love to both take a photo at your request and include your logo, name, company or hyperlink appears on the supporters page. 
  • $300 donation - Keepsake
    • All of the above and probably more than you bargained for. Do you want to make a significant contribution to beyondblue and have a souvenir of your donation? With this trip and this bike it is inevitable that the bike will break; probably more than once. To my beyondblue supporters who donate more than $300 I will send a piece of the broken Enfield and a photo of where the bike broke. 

Any donations of any value are greatly appreciated, and remember that donations over $2 in Australia are tax deductible. 

Please donate here: